Welcome to University Industry Foundation, Yonsei University Health System(UIF-YUHS). Yonsei University Health System is the first hospital in Korea which established an organization, the UIF-YUHS, carrying out patent, technology transfer and technology commercialization activities independently. Since its inception, UIF-YUHS has held about 300 meetings to discuss items and brought lots of successful technology transfer results. Besides, opportunities to build industry-university cooperation partnerships have been made through holding our own patent fairs every year.

The patents held by Yonsei University Health System, include a wide range of medical technologies such as Medicine, Medical devices, Diagnostics, Healthcare Systems, Research Tools and basic medical research, etc. Our goal is to contribute to the mutual growth of industry and academia by establishing cooperation between technological development and utilization partners based on specialized technologies in medical field with infinite growth potential. Feel free to contact UIF-YUHS and discuss business with us.